Top Tier Marketing Plan for Luxury Homes

How to break into the Luxury Home market:

  • “Don’t be intimidated. They are like everyone else. They just had some financial success.”
  • Gather data and statistics
    o Market Reports –
      - Absorption Rate = # homes active / # homes sold last month
  • Market Research
    o “See people & see houses.” – Listing Magic, Ken Rayhons
    o Know stats: average price, DOM, List to Sales Ratio, HOA, Schools,…
  • Communicate your message
    o High quality branding and messaging (luxury b-cards, brochures, photos, website…)
    o Google yourself, what shows up? Get your own name as a domain name.
    o Build relationships – show your authenticity
    o “Positive & Elegantly Social” - Laura Duggan

How to find luxury buyers and sellers:

  • Prospecting Plan
  • Open Houses – “Hi. How are you? Are you a buyer or seller?” Invite the neighbors.
    o Magic List – high power people/influencers. Invite to open.
    o Ask someone in your office to hold their luxury home open. High end builders.
  • Expired Listings – Direct mail campaign with elegant postcards & letters.
  • Direct Mail – limit due to cost, but strategic. Just Listed. Just Sold. Open House.
    o Create custom card in office with expired home on cover – looks like water colors.
    o Cover letter with Market Report. Show knowledge base.
  • Networking – Laura’s best source of business. Join groups of people with similar interest to you.
    o Estate planning attorneys, trust officers, private client bankers or wealth managers, human resource departments, CPA’s, venture capitalists, top architects, custom home builders, appraisers, art dealers, stock brokers, golf pros, divorce attorneys, immigration attorneys, gate guards, business leaders (check the business journal), interior decorators, private airplane/airport resources, party planners and caterers, antique and oriental rug dealers, luxury car dealers, jewelers, country club directors…
    o Other luxury agents. Your local market. National: Patrick Lilley Luxury Conference. Institute for Luxury Home Marketing by Laurie Moore Moore.
  • Become the Expert – Post info on your site. Community info. Blog on luxury topics.
    o Connecting Neighbors – template site for neighborhoods.

How to market a top-tier, high-priced, luxury home:

  • Single Property Website – central location for all info about the luxury listing.
  • Pre-MLS Marketing Using Coming Soon Sign – build anticipation, excitement, and desire.
  • Interior, Exterior, and Mini Brochure – high quality photos and material.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – lead capture, 1-800 numbers.
  • By Invitation Open House – neighbors and magic list
  • The Benefit Part to Sell the House – charity, invite charity list, have members help.
  • Property Video – No cheap walk through videos. Professional photo slide show with intro & commentary while pictures are changing.


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